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Photos From The DJ Booth Are Listed Alphabetically By Banquet Facility

Apple Creek Through Colonial House

Country Springs Through Doxbees

Grillin Through Homestead Meadows

5th Quarter Through Great Hall Ripon College

KI Convention Center Through Lucky Dogz

The Meadows Through The Oneida Country Club

 PAC Through Rock Garden 

Romys Through Thornberry Creek

 Town & Country Golf Club Through Eddie Whipps 

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26 Frequently Asked Questions

If You Want To Ask Me A Question Please Email

Or Call 920-954-0933

1. How Much Do I Charge? I have 3 packages to choose from, and each price is specific to the type of entertainment package I will create for you. It is best to contact me, so we both can determine what package would be best for you, and I can give you an exact quote.

2. I've called other DJ services and they say they offer the same as you for a lower price. Is this true? Absolutely not. If using cheap Chinese sound equipment combined with little or no lights and minimal experience in doing weddings, for cheap or even worse a subcontractor, is what your getting.

Don't be fooled by price! Your day is too important to be sucked in by a good sales pitch. 90% of my business comes from referrals. When you hire Sound Advice you will have an evening that is about you with memories that will last a lifetime.


3.How Much Should I Budget For My DJ? You will hear from many vendors that you shouldn't skimp on their services, but it couldn't be more true in the case of DJ Entertainment. Considering that your DJ Entertainment will bear the responsibility of over 80% of the success of your celebration, you can see why choosing a FULL-TIME PROFESSIONAL DJ is the wisest choice. Your wedding already looks like a million bucks, so don't cut corners on the most important element that will make your reception an unforgettable and fun experience. Professional rates for DJ Entertainment range from around $500-$3,500, with the average professional rate being around $1,200. There are less experienced DJs that may charge less, but when you have a once-in-a-lifetime celebration, why take chances?

4. Will I Hold Your Date? In the DJ industry, our dates are our *inventory* and therefore cannot be held without a contract and retainer. Even if you need time to decide which package suits you, simply call to request a retainer contract. A small retainer of as low as $250 will hold your date. The most important detail is that you secure your date with me. Then, I can help you design a package right for you. I accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover or check for retainer payment.

5. Do I Use Contracts And Am I Insured? For peace of mind, of course I use written contracts and conduct my business professionally. I am fully insured and member of the American Disc Jockey Association. I am very easy to work with, and my focus is on celebration and family.

6. Will I Be On Time For Your Reception? Yes. In fact, I will be early. I make all the arrangements for my arrival with your reception hall. I arrive in the morning, if possible, to set up my sound & lighting equipment. Sound lights and microphones are tested, tuned, and fully equalized to the room, so your first guest hears perfection.

7. What Kind Of Equipment Do I Use? As a Full-Time Professional DJ Company, I only use the most reliable, professional and State-Of-The-Art Equipment. Although my talent, expertise, and musical abilities come first, my Sound and Lighting Systems are the tools I use to perform. When my name, reputation, and mission to deliver the best celebration for you, are on the line, I count on my tools to deliver amazing sights and sound trouble-free. The brands I trust are the same companies that have been providing sound and lighting for the nation*s top concert and club venues. (JBL Crown)I perform using completely digital sound system using both computers and CD's. Creatively, this combination gives me ultimate flexibility to perform mixes never before possible. With the latest technology and backup gear built in  you are guaranteed a fantastic reception worry-free.

I offer 100% Live Performance For The Entire Event - No Auto Mix at My Shows!   

8. What Kind Of Music Do I Have? And Do I Have A List? Yes you can go to the music page and look up the song of your choice. Sound Advice Music has the best music on the planet. At the time of this writing, I am holding over 80,000 songs on computer. I subscribe to the top of the industry's best music programming service that update our library monthly. This is the same company that services the top radio stations in the USA. My music is updated so frequently that I will have all of your favorite tunes and requests. I also have all of your favorite party classics, and tunes from every era including Big Band, 50's, 60's, 70's, Motown, Disco, New Wave 80*s, 90's Classic Rock n* Roll, Alternative Rock, Top 40, R n B, Urban, Hip Hop, Dance, Club Music, Techno, Old School, Funk, and even more! Whew! If you are looking for a suggestion list, It is more practical that we send you a list of the *most requested* music suggestion list, along with a suggested song list for traditional dances. Also keep in mind, there is only time to hear around 15-20 songs per party hour.

9. Some DJ's services will say being on computer will give you poor sound quality or dead spots between songs. This is false! When music is recorded it is recorded on a computer. Every Radio Station in the Fox Valley runs on computer along with every online, cable and satellite radio station or service. I heard the same services say this when it was vinyl to CD. What this tells you is the DJ service does not have the knowledge, is unwilling to change and making the excuse not to invest in the latest technology. All of my songs on computer are at the same quality of a CD. Some computer songs have better sound quality than CD. Dead air does not happen with Sound Advice because I do computer music right. I use is the same controller as my CD players; making every mix perfect from CD or computer. I have a back up computer and CD's, so I wont miss a beat. Sound Advice has all audio backed up and built right into the system. Your Wedding will sound perfect

I offer 100% Live Performance For The Entire Event - No Auto Mix at My Shows!   

10. What Is Your Background? I have been DJing weddings and parties since 1978. I started DJing at my Jr. High school dances. Then worked up to DJing in the hottest night clubs in the Fox Valley Area.  I earned a degree in Radio and TV broadcasting. Then worked in radio for 7 years. This is my fulltime job! and my fun job!

11. Do I Offer Customized Service? You bet. It is your event you tell me what you want.

12. Do I Take Breaks? ABSOLUTELY NOT!! You need to ask this question when hiring a DJ. Believe it or not their are DJ services who do take breaks. This is the same problem with hiring a band You will not experience dead spots in your evening.

13.Do You Have Back Up Equipment? Yes, even a back up computer. I go a step farther with my equipment, my back up equipment is built into the set up. This means if something goes wrong you probably wont know it. All audio equipment has a back up, is almost new and I do my own maintenance.

14. Do I Take Requests? If my clients allow them. You tell me what you want and don't want, then, I'll take the requests and go in the direction of the crowd.

15. Do You Sub Contract? (Take the money and hire a different service or company to do your event)

ABSOLUTELY NOT!! If you hire Sound Advice you get me the Sarge.

16. Do  you offer a unmanned computer or IPod music set up for events at a discounted price? (Drop off a computer or an IPod with a sound system and have no one running the show) Absolutely not! DJ's who try to sell this as an option are doing a disservice to the public, putting a black eye on my profession and saying to you "I don't care how your event turns out I want your money"  I invite you to go to the American Disc Jockey Association website The Truth About Ipod Weddings  to view an actual video of how your event will fail.

17. Why The Sergeant in Sound Advice? I have not been a police officer of have been in the military. When I did the morning show, on radio, my news guy gave me this name and it stuck, so it is apart of my history. The real Sarge is my father retired CSM (Command Sergeant Major) of the 32nd Red Arrow Division.

18. Do You Offer Karaoke? No. Ever hear the term jack of all trades and the master of none? Services who want to do both are either good at DJing or Karaoke not both. If you want Karaoke, hire a professional karaoke service. If you want a DJ then Sound Advice is your DJ service. If someone would like to sing a special song, need a small band hooked up or use the wireless mic that is not a problem, just ask. Again, if you want to allow this, it is your event so, this will be up to you.

19. How will I dress? Again you tell me. Not every wedding, event and client wants me in a tux. I will dress appropriately, Business dress casual or in a tux, again you tell me.

20. Do you offer Video projectors for rent? Yes, If you need a projector and a DVD player for dinner I have these items at a reasonable fee. The Signature Package includes this.

21. What should I look for when hiring a DJ?  First You Can Call 1-888-682-9478 or Here a are some basic tips:

A. If you are just looking for a quote or low price, I invite you to read the book DJ horror stories, By Jeff Harrison, its available thru Cheap, inexperienced DJ's give my profession a bad name and this is how the DJ horror stories are made.

B. The DJ you are looking at says "They have years of experience". Ask what is your experience in? School Dances? Radio? Night Clubs? or the years of experience the DJ has is in doing Wedding and corporate events? My experience is 30 plus years in Weddings and Corporate events. Believe me; the right experience makes a heck of a difference. I get asked for advice all the time.

C. Go out and see what you are getting at a live event. Ask other people who have used the service. If the service you inquire about says: "This is not possible" Ask yourself: "What are they hiding?"  This will give you a unaltered look at what the sound and light system is. I'm amazed at the over used word "State of The Art" If the Lights and Sound are State of the Art why can't I see it? I ask all of my customers if some one can peek in for a few minutes 98% have no problem with this.

 D. Never except a video or audio tape as audition. These items can be doctored to make anyone look and sound good. Again you should see the service live. Seeing the service live gives you a real world unaltered demonstration of how the system looks and how the DJ performs. A DJ service who refuses to let you see them live is hiding something

E. Ask if your DJ needs a chair while working. If this person says yes, then you will have a low key person who will not get your crowd going. A disc jockey sitting while they are DJing is, as rude as your DJ yawning.

F. Get in writing that this is the person, the system and service that will be showing up at your event. Does the DJ service advertise who their DJ's are? or do they just advertise their name and logo? If the DJ service wont advertise who their DJ's are, This means the DJ's are employees and these services wont guarantee who will be your DJ, because they don't know if they will be around next year. I hear horror stories all the time about people who hire a DJ service and someone else shows up. This is called sub - contracting or worse the ad below.

22. How Far will I travel? I have traveled as far as Atlanta Georgia to do a wedding. I do Milwaukee often. Anything outside a 60 mile radius, I require a clean motel room. Outside a 100 mile radius call and we will make arrangements.

23. What happens if you are sick? It has happened, if I am sick you wont know it, I'm an entertainer. The only way I don't show is if they are lowering my casket in the ground or I'm hospitalized. If this happens the Hitman or my son will show. I have never missed a show since 1978.

24. Do You Perform With Two DJs At Your Event? The Signature package includes two DJ's. The Silver is optional.  

25. I Do Take These Major Credit Cards 

26. Consider These Statistics:

You have seen these statistics on every web site, what they mean is, do your homework and you will have an awesome party!

72% of all brides say they would have spent more time choosing their reception entertainment.

Almost 100% say they would have spent more of their budget on the entertainment.

During wedding planning, Brides say their highest priority is there attire, followed by the reception site and caterer - reception entertainment is among the least of their priorities. Within one week after their reception, 78% of Brides say they would have made the entertainment their highest priority!

When asked 81% of guests say the thing they remember most about a wedding is the entertainment.

65% of all couples that chose a band to entertain at their wedding, said, if they had it to do over again, they would have chosen a disc jockey.

Other Items to Note:
Disc Jockey rates vary based on talent, experience, emcee ability, service, coordination, equipment needed, music knowledge, mixing ability and personality.


The DJ you select will be taking on the responsibility of over 80% of the success of your party and often gets paid less than 3% of the total budget (based on the average $25,000.00 Wedding, 3% would equal $750.00), yet if the DJ is a poor performer or worse, doesn't show up, your entire investment is wasted, not just that 3%.

Rates for the DJ industry vary greatly, ranging from $350.00 to $3,500.00 with an average of $1,000.00 for a 4 hour booking. The best price is not always the best deal, especially if you are planning a wedding. As a matter of fact, surveys conclude that nearly 100% of brides would have spent more money on their entertainment and made it their #1 priority in hindsight.

A full-service disc jockey company will normally invest 12 to 30 hours to your special event but it may appear that you are only paying for "4 hours". Consultations, music purchasing & editing, preparation, set-up and tear-down, education and other business related endeavors add up to the overall success of your special occasion.


*These statistics were published in St. Louis Bride & Groom Magazine in 2003. Sources include: Simmons, 2001; USA Today, 2002; National Bridal Service, 2001; The Knot, 2002; Brides Magazine, 2001.

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